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“It’s Good to Get High.. “It’s Good to Get High.. 10/03/2017

by ELI JACE > “…And Never Come Down” – Tom Petty. While Tom Petty lay in a coma, the world…
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Nirvana Is The Key Nirvana Is The Key 06/16/2017

by MATT BACON > What if I told you the most influential rock band of the last thirty years was…
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Nobody Knows Anything Nobody Knows Anything 06/11/2017

by MATT BACON > The most frustrating part of the industry is dealing with the fine fact that you can’t…
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Playlists And Your Indie Band Playlists And Your Indie Band 10/16/2017

Now that radio is increasingly dying and we are having a harder time than ever executing within that framework we…
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Passionate Communities and Music Passionate Communities and Music 10/15/2017

One of the key things to understand about the music industry is how much of it driven by passionate people…
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Micro Classics and You Micro Classics and You 10/14/2017

by MATT BACON > One of the best things about the state of music is that there are many records…
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"I love the energy." "I love the energy." Phil Collen | Sheffield, UK / Rock

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