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REVIEW: “Volume 1” by Bogie, Kaufman and Mann REVIEW: “Volume 1” by Bogie, Kaufman and Mann 07/11/2018

By ELI JACE > Volume 1 from the trio Bogie, Kaufman and Mann is an unpolished gem of improvisation. Released…
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REVIEW: Celebrating David Bowie REVIEW: Celebrating David Bowie 03/30/2018

 By ELI JACE > When planet earth lost its Starman David Bowie in 2016 the landscape went dark. The man…
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The Music of 2017 The Music of 2017 12/28/2017

“That’s the way the guillotine claps.” 2017 was a turnip of a year. Leaves sprouting in dirt. Absurdity and tragedy…
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Should Your Band Put Out An EP Or An LP? Should Your Band Put Out An EP Or An LP? 07/21/2018

here’s something that’s a little rough to hear but needs to be sad for bands panning out their future. As…
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Visual Communication And Your Band Visual Communication And Your Band 07/18/2018

Something important to consider as you establish your brand in the music industry is the pure and simple fact that…
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Building A Team Around Your Band Building A Team Around Your Band 07/15/2018

So I just watched my nations team, the French team, win the world cup, and it was glorious. It got…
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"Shaped the path forward." "Shaped the path forward." Bitter's Kiss | New Jersey / Indie

“James was an extremely valuable resource in getting Bitter's Kiss into the ears of critics and reviewers who not only supported our effort, but provided valuable insights on shaping the path forward.”

"I love the energy." "I love the energy." Phil Collen | Sheffield, UK / Rock

"I’m amazed and thrilled at the diverse range of articles and reviews that you were able to procure. I love the energy that you’ve kept up during this whole process. It’s inspiring!"

"Knowledge and passion." "Knowledge and passion." Katrin the Thrill | Athens, Greece / Alternative Rock

"James is a true professional. He has the knowledge and the passion to create great results. I am really glad that we met and we are working together and I cannot thank him enough."

"Highly recommended." "Highly recommended." The Green Door | San Francisco / Rock

"Our experience with I.M.P. was fantastic. James really gets quality results. He appreciates real music, and that's evident in his service. James helped us increase our exposure and get a very positive response to our new release. Independent Music Promotions is highly recommend!"

"Thanks are not enough." "Thanks are not enough." Elena Andujar | Spain / Flamenco

"You will be assured of getting your music out to the people who review music for a living. The results will push your music to the next level, make you feel like creating even more, and connect you to some of the most awesome people in the indie music world. Thanks will never be enough for James and his team! Gracias!"

"Amazing results." "Amazing results." Rooftop Runners | Berlin / Electronic

"When James Moore said that we would get more than we bargained for, we never thought is would be this good. James is highly professional, in regular contact, and really, really cares about the artists he works with. And to put the cherry on top he gets amazing results."

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