1st Base Runner Finds Meaning, Masterfully Blends Shoegaze and Dream Pop on Existential, Melodic New EP ‘Ellis’

Tim Husmann is 1st Base Runner – photo credit – Dilly Gent

Austin, TX-based Singer Songwriter 1st Base Runner‘s sophomore EP “Ellis” is out December 10, 2021 on all platforms. This potent new collection finds 1st Base Runner further expanding his atmospheric and intensely personal sound, incorporating indie rock, shoegaze, post-punk, dream pop, ambient and electronic music influences to form a cohesive signature.

On the heels of Seven Years of Silence, 1st Base Runner will release the Ellis EP, a collaboration with longtime friend Bryan Ellis. With the creative floodgates now open and the contributions of Ellis added to the record, the new release is markedly more lively. Brighter chords and percussion moved to the fore while keeping the same hazy glow that gave Seven Years its ineffable vibe. Under the guidance of longtime Radiohead Creative Director Dilly Gent, the project will drop videos for ‘Near Me’ and ‘Man Overboard’. Effervescing synths bubble over a beat both warm and fuzzy and effortlessly cool. Tim Husmann and Ellis craft a score for young love stumbling through the long summer evenings.

In conversation with Obscure Sound, Tim Husmann shared his views on collaboration: I think creative chemistry can exist only in the proper setting, time, and with the right person. I think it comes about naturally on its own. It is really important to realize when it is in the room.

Fans of artists as varied as My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, Joy Division, Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin and Godspeed! You Black Emperor should find common threads in 1st Base Runner’s music.


Ellis cover artwork by Matt Needle
Back Cover Photo by Adrian Whipp/Lumiere Tintype

“Ellis” is out now on major streaming platforms and is available for vinyl pre-order at 1st Base Runner’s official website.

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