3D The Boss Drop Music Video For Love Song “Heaven and Paradise” Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

3D The Boss‘s classic sound comes from a deep place. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Atlanta Pop/R&B Trio 3D The Boss explore the essence of true love and vulnerability in relationship with oneself, others, and the collective in new music video “Heaven and Paradise”. This single finds the group singing “My Heaven and Paradise is with you” overtop a soulful, harmonized, R&B groove.

Best described as ‘music to raise your vibration’, the members of 3D The Boss are all trained musicians and professional wellness coaches serving musicians and other creatives, with each bandmate bringing a wealth of wisdom and skill to the table.

The “Heaven and Paradise” video opens with a festive reunion of souls gathering for food, drink and companionship. This was filmed at the home of a very dear friend of the band’s who was hospitalized long-term from COVID-19 and is now recovering. On this track and video, the emerging group reflect on what’s really important in life; true connection, trust and interdependence.

3D offers a Motown, 80’s R&B musical approach that takes us back to the days of classy gowns, vintage suits and radio microphones. Heaven and Paradise is a great example of what fun, healthy love within an intimate relationship looks like. From the first glimpse, to the walk to the door at the end of the evening, the bond and connection between Boss Lady and Day is undeniable and yet there’s no rush. The real message is Heaven and Paradise starts with you!

“Heaven and Paradise” is taken from 3D The Boss‘s award-winning album “Push It”. 3D The Boss were described by Arts Atlanta as “movement-conscious” with a “peppy influence”.

3D The Boss is the official Ambassador of the YourDay Balance Game ‘YDBG’. Each member of 3D The Boss is a Balance Coach.  Download the ‘YDBG‘ app and start Watching today at www.theydbg.com.

Watch the “Heaven and Paradise” music video.

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Official Websites: www.3dtheboss.com
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