Yes, I said it. This thing is weird. Very weird. Congrats to The Fabulous Downey Brothers for creating one of the most hilarious and brilliant music videos I’ve seen in a long time. Their video for “Fizz” has to be seen to be believed. This is a band who don’t take themselves too seriously, but then again, maybe they take themselves VERY seriously. Wonderfully comedic and strange, there is more genius here than our brief interview with band member Sean Downey would let on.

Welcome to Independent Music Promotions, guys. You’re refreshingly eccentric and different.Tell us about The Fabulous Downey Brothers and what you bring to the table.

My name is Sean Downey, the original Downey Brother. I play with Liam, my brother. I love him and can’t stand him. You know, he has a lot of really good ideas and really bad ideas. In fact, everyone in the band brings a lot to the table. My brother and I share a vision and it tends to change. Hopefully, we did a good job at making magic! DREAMS!

What do you feel are some of the ways that indie artists should adapt and change in today’s music industry? What qualities should a successful artist have?

We are not a successful band so we can’t give out any advice. Well, “hang in there!”

What have you found works well for you as far as promotion goes?

Just show your new projects to your friends wherever you want and however you can.

Who in music do you most admire most and why?

I, personally, have to mention DEVO, B-52s, TALKING HEADS and everything from 1983. People have said we are like OINGO BOINGO and THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS. Ask my brother what the good bands are and he will tell you the best bands.

Do you have any advice for aspiring independent musicians who may feel disillusioned or discouraged at times?

No, just hang in there. If you are “waiting for your time” then maybe you’re doing it for the wrong reasons.

How can music fans keep tabs on The Fabulous Downey Brothers?

Hey, we all attended art college and have artistic skills in our own right. We get together and sometimes we hang out, but mostly we meet to shoot videos, and rehearse the songs. Our videos are on YouTube just search Fabulous Downey Brothers. Stay tuned for the upcoming “FIZZ” EP available for hearing in Feb 2012. Lastly there is a THANKS!


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