7 Best Las Vegas Music Venues

Not surprisingly, the party capital of the world is also where you’ll find some of the best music halls and arenas in the US. Las Vegas, Nevada is home to several specialty venues dedicated to genres, sub-genres, cult cultures, and musical circles as veritable meccas for live performances. These are just seven of the hundreds of music venues that you can visit in Vegas.

The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace

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Despite its more than 4,000-person capacity, The Colosseum feels strangely intimate due to its architectural design. Like the ancient Roman civilization that inspired its construction, The Colosseum is known to draw some of the biggest names in music, like Cher, Elton John, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, and many others. A favorite venue for audiences looking for an epic experience.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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While it’s mostly used for racing, this huge arena is also the annual stage for the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) — arguably the biggest EDM festival on the planet. Given the thousands of fans it draws to Vegas for the hundreds of live EDM artists on EDC’s lineup, the city hopes that a new camping option for visitors will ease the annual spike in traffic caused by EDC.

The Joint

This music hall is Vegas’ most iconic rock room. This is where the Rolling Stones did a stripped down set, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers welcomed the New Year, and where Jack White’s guitar burst into flames in front of a stunned crowd. While The Joint recently doubled in size, this has in no way diminished its intimate rock ‘n’ roll feel.

Double Down Saloon

Punk, hard rock, and funk are just some of the mainstay genres in this original Las Vegas dive bar. The Double Down has so much notoriety that New York just had to have its own version of it, which in no way compares to the look and feel of Vegas’ most famous “hole in the wall”. Rough it out and get sweaty with some of Sin City’s OG punks.


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As the smallest and newest venue at historic Hard Rock Hotel, Vinyl has the feel of an old-school speakeasy where you can see some of the most unique acts Vegas has to offer. Its combination of rock, blues, and country is sometimes peppered with burlesque and comedy acts, which make its brick walls and scratched wood floors even more interesting.

XS @ Encore

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Despite being a relatively small space, the XS at Encore is currently the most successful dance club in all of Vegas. The XS’ trippy and breathtaking motifs of golden nudes and Henri Matisse-like frescoes provide the perfect backdrop for its live EDM, hip-hop, trap, and dubstep acts.

MGM Grand Garden Arena


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By sheer number of rooms, the MGM Grand is the second largest hotel in the world, and it’s home to the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Similar to the Colosseum, the Grand Garden Arena caters to the biggest and most popular musicians from a variety of genres, including Shania Twain, Marilyn Manson, Phil Collins, Ozzy Osbourne, and Rob Zombie.

These are just some of the best places to catch live music in Las Vegas. Haven’t decided if Vegas is worth a visit yet? Independent Music Promotions also has the scoop on seven of the best music venues in Los Angeles, like Blue Whale, The Wiltern, and The Smell.

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