Bold and introspective Singer Songwriter Scott Chasolen‘s new “Living in Limbo” full-length album was truly written out of urgency. The collection of intimate performances shows music’s Power to transform and heal, a process Scott himself can attest to.

Scott is a well-established NYC-based musician, highly sought after for session work. He also plays in the very successful Pink Floyd tribute band, The Machine, a project that finds him touring regularly as well as earning him a sponsorship from Moog.

Prolific in his solo work (his debut album was released in 2003), Scott’s signature sound intelligently and seamlessly incorporates folk, rock and jazz elements with heartfelt lyrics.

“I have been waiting for many years to share this record. It’s a very personal journey and the songs were born out of therapeutic necessity during a really tough time in my life. I wrote and recorded the entire thing alone in my apartment. The healing power of music never ceases to amaze me.”  

Stream “Living in Limbo” below.

Artist Biography
Scott Chasolen is a native of northern NJ, and began playing music at ten years old.  After exploring the trumpet and the drums, Scott discovered his true love, the piano, and by the time he was sixteen was already performing in New York City and studying jazz.  With a passion for improvising and composition, he later attended and graduated from New School University in Manhattan while maintaining a hectic lifestyle of creating, touring and recording with the successful instrumental group ulu.

For nearly a decade he traveled the countryside from coast to coast and every point in-between, clearly marking his own place within the jam circuit, not to mention developing a stage presence that can reach the nosebleed seats in any stadium!  The use of vintage keyboards such as the Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, Hohner clavinet and Moog synthesizer have helped to shape his distinctive sound live and on all four ulu albums – ulu (1998), Live at the Wetlands (2000), What’s the Deal (2001), and Nerve (2003).   Along the way Scott has shared the stage with John Scofield, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Soulive, Mickey Hart and De La Soul to name a few.

Scott went on to develop his songwriting using a blend of folk, rock and jazz elements along with introspective lyrics and his own heartfelt vocals. He reveals these abilities on his debut album, Solitude Speaks (2003). Further exploration continues on an acoustic collaboration with Katy Pfaffl titled Woven (2005).  The highly electric Magnify (2007), engineered and produced by Rob Harari, was a step in a new pop flavored direction.  Fracture (2010), is a testament to the resilience of human spirit as it endures life’s challenges, musically showcasing both simplicity and strength.  Portrait  (2013), captures live, raw studio performances of his trio. No additives, no preservatives. The improvisational essence of the band shines through extended and spontaneous instrumental segments integrated within each tune. Chasolen’s voice and piano style deliver bold honesty and ease, while the stellar musicianship of the rhythm section packs a powerful and resounding punch.

His latest record, Living In Limbo, is set to drop on October 1, 2019. This acoustic collection of beauty and heartbreak encompasses a highly personal journey through a tragic loss of love. Undesirable but temporary living circumstances forced Scott to write half of the material on the guitar, with no access to a piano. The entire album was recorded in solitude in a NYC apartment during this incredibly difficult yet inspiring period.

In addition to his own music, Scott is currently a member of the esteemed Pink Floyd Tribute band, The Machine, where he has continued his touring lifestyle and passion for analog keyboards. Endorsed by Moog, he has the opportunity to play his beloved Mini-Moog Voyager in front of thousands of Floyd fans in theatres across the globe. He also tours with the well-known Chicago tribute band Beginnings, playing piano and singing as co-frontman.  Chasolen also writes for hire, is a highly sought after NYC session musician, and produces up and coming local artists. A man  who wears many hats, to say the very least.

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