How To Act Like An Extravagant Rock Star… On A Budget!

Some of the outlandish things that bands can splurge for can seem insane, to say the least. Sometimes, the most extravagant things they come out with are so unique or off the wall that they’re the ones that really get people talking. From creating actual vacations around a band, to exploiting the lyrics of your own song (Katy Perry Cherry Chapstick, anyone?) there are all kinds of ways bands are putting their names to commodities to create a hype. Now, why can’t you? Getting some quirky merch or branding up a good old fashioned (or not so much…) party could work as some really cool promotion! Here are just a few ideas to get you started…

Band Beer (Like Enter Shikari)

Sssnakepit beer from Enter Shikari was bound to give fans a buzz – quite literally – from the moment it was announced. Although your band may not quite be at the level to create a signature brew from the company of the same name who also work with the likes of Professor Green, you can impress your fans by handing out a custom-label drink of your own to some select lucky fans, in an age appropriate setting, of course.


Source: Thrash Hits

Band Cruises (Like Paramore, Weezer and Kiss)

Cruises have been seen as a bit of a family affair – or even an old person’s foray – for quite a long time. But Sixthman are helping to change all that by offering music themed cruises. Oh my god, right? Paramore’s ‘Parahoy’, Weezer’s cruise and of course, the now infamous ‘Kiss Kruise’ and more have all had rave reviews, and whilst hiring a cruise ship would literally cost millions you most likely don’t have, there’s no reason you can’t get your own party vibe going and rent out a boat of your own. Say a small boat costs $500 or £500 for five hours, depending on where you live, and it can fit 50 people. Set up an intimate acoustic gig on board and charge everyone just $10 to get on board (literally). Voila, you’ve got an awesome event that will get everyone talking (and maybe even a tan!).



Photo Credit: Will Byington

Band Cards (Like Neck Deep)

Pop-Punkers Neck Deep have been offering their own Tarot Cards in their merch store, which is super quirky in itself. The fun doesn’t need to stop there though, as you can add your own spin to the card game (see what we did there?!). Everyone loves a good card trick, or casual game with a trusty pack of cards, especially when it comes to drinking! So, when it comes to your after parties, or even your merch table, stand out with your own pack of personalized playing cards.

Neck Deep



Source: Neck Deep Merch Store

Band Sauce (Like Bring Me The Horizon)

Okay, so you’re probably not huge international artists, and as such, you probably can’t afford your own sauce to just be like, invented. The aptly named ‘Bring Me The BBQ’ sauce from Bring Me The Horizon is an exception because, well, the British metal-heads are REALLY, REALLY RICH. You could get crafty in the kitchen, have a designer friend design you some labels, and go in that direction, but to be honest, why not just play it safe? Nobody’s saying you have to do this for anything other than novelty at a select event (band picnic in the park, anyone?) but it’s yet another bit of fun that not many people think of, so add a personal touch to the table.




Source (Not Sauce!): NME Magazine

Band Toys (Like Fall Out Boy)

Fall Out Boy have their own amazing sets of Russian Dolls, which are not by any means just for little girls, because the detail on them is awesome. Any fan would most likely want these in their home – so why can’t you recreate the fun of it with you own band dolls? You can have a play with this one (see what we did there…) and go all out. Why not go one step different and create some cute teddies? If you’ve got a younger fan base, personalized teddies would be absolutely perfect.


Source: FOB Merch Store


These are just a few, simple ideas but there are literally hundreds out there. Are you thinking outside the box? That’s a good start…

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