Adult Contemporary Pop Rock Artist Rob Alexander Shares His 3 Most Essential Elton John Albums

Floridian adult contemporary pop rock singer songwriter Rob Alexander‘s signature sound is warm and uniquely heartfelt, with a booming baritone over piano-driven melodies. Rob’s sound is influenced heavily by his musical heroes. Here we dive into the catalog of Sir Elton John, whose music looms large for Rob. In fact, Rob Alexander’s newest album Being Myself features 3 members of Elton John’s current band: Matt Bissonette (bass), Kim Bullard (keyboards), John Mahon (percussion). It also features pro guitarists Robbie Angelucci and Kevin Taylor, with production by Gabe Lopez.

Listen to Being Myself below.

In the interest of finding those unsung gems, we asked Rob to share with us his favorite Elton John albums. Read on below to hear his thoughts on one of music’s greatest legends.

1). Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

“Regarded as his most hit-filled album, what draws me to this album most are some of the non-hits.  Songs like “The Ballad of Danny Bailey” and it’s orchestral arrangement, which tends to accentuate the chorus as well as carry the tune to its finale. It’s quite gorgeous indeed.  Also, “Harmony” comes to mind.  Lush backing vocals by his band members Nigel, Dee, and Davey illustrate how important a harmonious blend of singers can be.”

2).  Sleeping With The Past

“An overlooked gem, what really stands out for me on this collection is the power of the chorus, especially on “Healing Hands.”  I find myself always trying to write something that uplifts in the chorus while allowing the verse to stand alone melodically.  And also I find the build to the chorus is important too.  “Healing Hands” is a perfect example of this.”

3).  Too Low For Zero

“The best of Elton’s 80s output, I really learned a great deal of song structure and melody from this album.  It was also the first Elton John album I truly studied, and I somehow learned to pattern my vocal style after him when I studied and listened to this release…over and over again.  I noticed that when he sings, it’s not so much that he holds a note, but it’s the “character” of his voice as he sings it.
No one sounds like Elton.  His voice his unique.  Songs like “Crystal,” “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues,” and “I’m Still Standing” are the real standout tracks for me.  And the most difficult Elton song to sing, “One More Arrow,” is also present here.”
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