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I.M.P takes our services and partnerships very seriously. We only offer what we’ve tested and found to be highly effective. Below are a series of services offered by our trusted partners, all offered to our musician audience with our full stamp of approval.

Youtube Video Promotion

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  • Promote your Youtube video using safe, Google approved tacticsWith many new YouTube safeguards and guidelines in place, it has now become increasingly more difficult for a new music video to secure impressive view numbers and go viral, unless you utilize and work directly through the various Google channels of advertising.
  • Highly targeted and affordableAn effective YouTube campaign is a nuanced, highly strategic undertaking that takes in
    consideration numerous variables including musical genre, like minded artists and fans, demographics, day of the week and regional targeting.
    Because a large percentage of the cost of the campaign will be spent
    with Google directly, it’s imperative that we shoot for our “biggest
    bang for our buck ” I.E. “lowest cost per click “.
  • Personalized to your needsAlong with inquiring from you what you feel your band or artist’s “target
    audience” is, we would also be inquiring from you what bands and
    artists you feel most of a musical kindred spirit with, what tags would
    be appropriate for this campaign, what countries and territories would
    we be most likely to encounter new fans and the best thumbnail for
    promotional purposes.
  • Real engagement from real peopleWe are a huge proponent of generating real comments from real
    people, as well as increasing the “likes” for the video dramatically. We want to have the entire presentation look as though
    there is nothing but an organic embracing of the music video happening, with no hints of any sort of extra investments being implemented.

Music Video Marketing

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Contact us
  • Work with a highly selective marketer.Our music video promotion campaigns are for any independent artists or bands looking to increase exposure for themselves and their latest video clip. We are fearless when it comes to promoting cliché-defying artists outside the mainstream, while always remaining highly selective in the projects we promote. Our constant goal is to supply our programmers and
    internet partners with the videos their viewers really want to see.
  • Get promoted to terrestrial television and online video outletsWe have established and
    maintained a solid, ever growing network of contacts throughout the
    terrestrial television and online music video programming world, and we’re continually updating the most comprehensive database anywhere of music video exposure opportunities, which cut across all stylistic and geographic borders.
  • Comprehensive music video distributionWe will promote your music video to select international (MTV, MTV2, VH1, REVOLT, mtvU, BET, Much Music, AXS-TV etc.) outlets,
    regional video shows (California Music Channel, JBTV etc.), retail video pools (outlets that provide in-store music video programming to
    retailers, fitness centers, shopping malls, nightlife locations, etc.),
    video-on-demand providers (Havoc TV, Music Choice), mobile phones and tablets, nightclubs and numerous high profile Internet outlets and popular blogs.
  • Social media promotionThis comprehensive promotional push is very helpful to your overall marketing plan to increase exposure, and the social media
    awareness we generate for you via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and
    YouTube will create total saturation, helping dramatically in securing
    the maximum amount of awareness and exposure possible for your new music video.
  • Attention to detailThere’s a lot of up front attention to detail involved in a successful
    music video campaign (closed captioning, digital delivery, correct
    labeling, DMDS (Digital Music Delivery Service), submission forms,
    social media setup etc.), but rest assured that we will take all the
    necessary precautions to assure you that your new video arrives to all
    of our programming outlets and internet partners ready for immediate programming.
  • Professional music video pitchWe super-size every video campaign with a professional, originally written video promotion one sheet that
    accompanies each video pitch. This is where we, as your video promoter, argue the case of why your video is worthy of the programmer’s
  • The personal touchWe maintain very friendly
    relations with all the important point people and decision makers at the video programming outlets and high profile internet outlets, but never take for granted the many video programmers and programming
    opportunities in all the remote corners of the music video community, including numerous secondary and tertiary markets throughout the
    country. We also pitch your video to many smaller, curated websites and
    blogs. We also set up video interviews and on air performances when our clients go on tour or play shows, as well as encourage our clients to
    film video IDs for our programmers that they can then use prior to
    programming the video (“Hi everyone, here’s my new video, and
    you’re watching it on the California Music Channel!”)

Pro Writing Services

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Hover for price
  • Press release writingWork with acclaimed professional journalists Matt Bacon and Rob Wrong on getting a professional press release put together for your latest record, tour, single or whatever else you might need. Cost is $100.
  • Bio writingWork with acclaimed professional journalists Matt Bacon and Rob Wrong on getting your bands bio looking up to snuff. We will chat with you on the phone, Skype or just email in order to work together to get the key details of your career into a few solid paragraphs. Cost is $100.
  • Press kit creationGet a professional looking electronic press kit that you can use to market your band to booking agents, managers, PR companies, venues or whatever else you should happen to need. Cost is $125.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

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Contact us
  • Professional music consultingWork with one of Dropout Media’s consultants – band managers who have worked in the industry for years and organized tours all over the globe. Many of them are in touring bands themselves. A service breakdown is available upon request.
  • Comprehensive music career guidance-Branding, Image Creation
    -Release Planning
    – Sponsorships
    -PR Co-ordination
    -Pitching To Record Labels
    -Working with booking agents/establishing relationships with booking agents
    -Local Booking
    -Product creation
    -Connections to creative professionals
    -Facilitating artistic development
    -Graphic and Web design solutions
  • Artist ManagementReceive complete, personalized career guidance from our professional managers who will help you get to the next level.
  • Create your personal 12 week planOur professional consultants will help you to create a personalized 12 week plan that will give you actionable steps to develop your career.
  • Skype SessionFor those looking for single serve guidance, we offer 1 hour Skype sessions with our professionals for $150. Sit down with a professional band manager who works with bands from all over the globe on international tours and with major deals to get a better idea of where your career should be moving. Get advice on the next steps for your band and a written list of suggestions for branding, marketing and expanding what your band can do. Follow up emails are included and welcome! Also available in package deals.

Art & Graphic Design Services

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Contact us
  • Professional website designHave your website created completely custom by award winning artist and graphic designer Shaun Friesen.
  • Album/single cover, logo and general artist art designHave your music project’s art created completely custom by award winning artist and graphic designer Shaun Friesen.
  • Merchandise Design

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