Somewhere in between The Smiths, Joy Division, Interpol, and modern indie rock, Affairs are a very interesting new four-piece from Hull, UK. The word has been spreading fast about this young band with a classy sound – they have played both the Beached and Freedom Festivals, and are currently promoting their “Cours-la-Reine/Sands” single release.

Not afraid to set a thick mood, vocalist James Robinson showcases a strong, bass-driven baritone delivery similar to that of Ian Curtis, while the band have a great chemistry, trading plucks, sweeps and slides in a high-standing wall of guitar picking, with plenty of reverb (of course).  The mood is melancholy but quite catchy at the same time. Up-tempo and almost ska-like on the drums, it makes for an interesting synthesis of energies. Check out the outro groove at 2:45 for some great harmonies and epic slow burn jamming. Their music video for “Cours-la-Reine” was produced by Josh Moore, and features the band in a relaxed jam, as well as performing live for what appears to be a very happy crowd. Check it out below:

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