Alternative Folk Artist the last optimist Uses Music As a Tool For Awakening

Alternative Folk Artist the last optimist uses his music as a tool for awakening on new release “seed water sun”, an album both emotionally subtle and brimming with ethereal power. In the past, his artistic output has been often referred to as ‘sad folk’, but really, it’s better described as radically self-aware, vulnerable to the beautiful and unforgiving aspects of the human experience.

Raised on the DIY folk punk activism influences of Ani Difranco and Fugazi, it’s easy to see how the last optimist forged his own strong-willed and wholly original path, pairing indie rock with emo folk, social activism with transcendentalism, trauma with solace, dissonance with poetry. Big Takeover Magazine once praised the multi-instrumentalist and activist, saying “Markus “has carved out a niche with a unique delivery and down-to-earth lyricism that is entirely his own” and “is sure to help find comfort and solace for many listeners.”

Following on the heels of 2 stripped down albums (‘make it alright with grace,‘ and ‘this moment is gone’the last optimist’s new alternative folk LP ‘seed water sun’ is full and rich with the intricate instrumental tapestry of producer Doug Kwartler and the transcendent vocals of Danielle Pinals.

Music for awakening from alternative folk artist the last optimist

Markus comments on the inspiration behind this profound new collection of songs: “This has been a year of alchemy. Turning challenging times into poetry, poetry into song verse, guitar plucking into orchestration, and hard experience into resilience. ‘Seed Water Sun’ is the soundtrack for that rough ride of human experience in 2023 with moments of rage and sadness resolved by the salve, the antidote, and the solace that we are all searching for. The album spans the age old influences of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and the transcendentalists while embracing the future sounds heralded in by Phoebe Bridgers, Julian Baker, and Finnegan Tui. When the end of the World seems upon us – the last of the optimists water the flowers. I hope you find some of yourself in the new songs.”

Listeners can expect a complex and harmonious union of syncopated instrumentation, all in the service of deeply meaningful concepts and lyricism. After all, the last optimist is on a personal music to ‘raise up those who want to make this world a better place despite the ever daunting days before us ~ seed, water, soil, sun, hope, and the daily work.’

For those ready to begin their own awakening process, listen to the full album below.

Stream “seed water sun” on Spotify.

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