This week in our Alternative Rock Music Roundup we have some impressive new bands, the first being Australian sensations The Incredible Kicks, who we’ve covered previously and thoroughly enjoyed. The band are a very unique blend of Queen-like theatrics/personality and progressive rock/metal merged with pure pop. Technical wizardry and pop sensibility are usually two opposed forces, but the Incredible Kicks put them together like peanut butter and jelly. Check out their new video clip for “Any Excuse” below and find the band at their Facebook page.

Manchester’s rock/alternative Gone For Days are currently promoting their new single “Guilty Pleasure”, which was recently featured on Sirius XM’s very popular “Octane” show. The song should please fans of artists like Theory of a Dead Man, 3 Doors Down and Creed – this is straight, no frills radio rock and the production value is impressive. It’s no wonder the word seems to be spreading fast about this act on Facebook and Reverbnation both. Take a listen below!

For a catchy pop/rock ode to a life of excess and recklessness, check out Big City Supreme’s new track “Gold Dipped Diamonds”, which sits somewhere between Beastie Boys and Blink 182 sound-wise. The vocals are humorous and quirky, with the chorus being the real highlight as the melody drives itself into your skull. Hailing from Winnipeg, I’m sure Big City Supreme are attracting some draws at the local rock venues and festivals. Check out more from the band at their Reverbnation.

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