Atlanta Musicians 3D The Boss Inspire Their Audience With High Energy Music and Practical Wisdom

Atlanta musicians 3D The Boss are currently promoting debut album “Push It”, as well as providing health and wellness coaching services and a free mobile app called ‘YDBG’.

3D The Boss have had an eventful 2021 so far. They released their debut full-length album “Push It” alongside accompanying music videos for the title track “Push It” and follow up single “Sneaky Peeky”. Both music videos capture the band’s positive attitude, inspiring fitness level, stylishness and sense of humor. They were recently recognized by Arts ATL, who wrote about “Sneaky Peeky” ‘it achieves the near-impossible feat of conjuring up visions of a latter-day Olivia Newton-John crossed with early Missy Elliott.’

Speaking on the inspiration behind the “Push It” album in interview with XS Noize, the band commented “We are all players and ambassadors of The YourDay Balance Game, a health and fitness game inspired by love and balance. We believe in the power of this game and the impact it will have on the world. Having experienced first-hand the impact that the music game has on our health, we made a conscious choice to create music that inspires our listeners to love abundantly and live a balanced lifestyle that is healthy and fit.”

Layla Marino of says ‘It’s all integrated for this trio, and the lifestyle app created by Adeogba and spearheaded by Leigh and Hawkins doesn’t just cover fitness and music. It’s the mind/body connection, the honesty and accountability and what they call “Abundant Love” that makes 3D the Boss not just a music group but a lifestyle brand.’

Meet the Band:

Day Adeogba

Day Adeogba has been a personal trainer, personal development coach, and speaker for over 23 years. He is the architect of the YourDay Balance Game and Visionary of 3D The Boss. When Day is not leading 3D The Boss fans as a fitness choreographer, he is transforming lives as a Balance Lifestyle Coach.

C. Lei Boss Lady

As the dynamic lead singer of 3D The Boss, C.Lei Boss Lady is a passionate lover of life whose vocal talents as a singer, rapper, songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist continue to imprint a new paradigm of Health, Fitness, Love and Balance on the music scene.

She is as multidimensional in her personal life as she is on stage. A mother of three beautiful children and spouse to Day Adeogba, Creator of the YourDay Balance Game, C.Lei is equally passionate about yoga, cooking, and fiction writing.

A classically trained pianist, The Boss Lady also has a 4 octave range, can impersonate several dialects and rap in Jamaican Patois. The 48 years ‘young’ athlete is an overall Advanced player and Balanced Lifestyle Coach for the YDBG. In her free time she also coaches aspiring artists to improve their healthy self talk and on stage performance by teaching piano, voice and a balanced lifestyle.

Lady Bass

Lady Bass has loved music and bass guitar for most of her life and has played professionally for more than 40 years. She toured with Fame and Flash Dance’s Irene Cara and traveled the seas with B.B. King’s on Holland America Cruises. A graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music, Lady Bass is now the Musical Director for R&B, Pop and Funk group, 3D The Boss. She is a Musician LIfestyle Coach through the YourDay Balance Game who enjoys helping professional musicians become healthy to create longevity in their career. She’s a testament to the importance of health; being a survivor of a heart attack at the age of 33. She enjoys being the mother of two and grandmother of two.

Listen to these incredible Atlanta musicians and their new album “Push It” is out now. Follow 3D The Boss or book one of their coaching services on their website. To try the YourDay Balance Game app, download it via the Apple or Google Play store.

Stream “Push It”.

Watch their music videos.

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