Attention indie music video directors, both professional and amateur; Chords of Truth, one of my personal favourite independent artists, has announced an ambitious music video contest that I highly encourage you to enter. The music is profound, and judging by the insane response to his recent remix contest, there is going to be a LOT of publicity and views for these videos. News release is below!

Folk singer/songwriter Jason Garriotte, who goes by the name Chords of Truth, is doing something unique on the heels of his critically acclaimed debut EP “Reflections of Reality”. Not only is he planning multiple electronic remix EP’s, venturing into the world of dubstep, trance and ambient music, but he has recently announced a Music Video contest with over $1,000 worth of prizes, $400 of which will go to the winner in EACH category.

Anyone is welcome to enter, whether a seasoned music video director or an amateur with video editing software, and videos may be done either for a track from his folk acoustic EP OR an electronic remix. Thematically there is a lot to work with here, as Chords of Truth’s music mainly deals with spirit, science and human growth. said of his EP “while the music is restrained acoustic material, the lyrics are closest to the spiritual output of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan.”

To find out more about the contest and enter, please visit


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