Aura Blaze Embraces Transcendental Introspection through Psych Rock and Dream Pop on “Open-Mindedness” EP

Award-winning Psychedelic Rock/Dream Pop artist Aura Blaze continues his kaleidoscopic musical and philosophical evolution on the illuminating new 3-song EP “Open-Mindedness”Aura Blaze is the brainchild of New Jersey-based musician Rhode Rachel, who writes, records and produces everything. This EP, out on the auspicious day of December 24, contains two new originals as well as is a cover of The Charlatans (“The Only One I Know”).

Fans of trailblazing psychedelic pop rock artists like Tame ImpalaAriel PinkGUMThe Beach BoysMGMT or Pond should enjoy this release.

About “Open-Mindedness” from the Artist:
Featuring 3 tracks packed with blazing energy, neon color, and a swirling galaxy of texture and innovative sound design, I can say with confidence that the Open-Mindedness EP is one for the record books.

Let the cover art speak for itself as a glimpse into the atmosphere of this release, with the sanctity of transcendental introspection blossoming radiantly through what Aldous Huxley would refer to as the “mind’s antipodes,” or the regions of the mind that one may reach through intense meditation or psychedelic exploration. It is an honor to offer Open-Mindedness as an aural adjuvant towards a deeper discovery of self, acting as a cosmic catalyst for elevated consciousness.

Originally intended as an early summer release, the recording process has been met with no shortage of setbacks, including an external hard drive that decided to crash at a significantly inopportune time during production. Thankfully, I was able to revive the recording sessions and I am happy to finally bring this EP to life amidst the adversity that challenged its creation.
Between the aforementioned crisis, changing careers, and buying my first home, it has certainly been a busy and turbulent year but eternal doth the ardent spirit rise, breaching heights unimagined, in the direction of divinity made manifest.

Suffice it to say, the culmination of the conquering of these respective trials and tribulations have refined the essence of the Open-Mindedness EP, shaping it into the strongest Aura Blaze release to date with respect to both production value and unbridled aesthetic. I am overjoyed at the prospect of finally being able to share these tracks with you. I thank all of you for your continued support as well as your patience in the interim. Rest assured the wait shall be worth it.

Peace be with you!

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