Australian Indie Pop Singer Songwriter Optacure Explores Loss on Melodic New Single “Stray”

Australian Indie Pop Singer Songwriter Optacure‘s alias is a fabricated word which means Optical Cure, a philosophy of searching for a universal perspective through music. On penetrating new single “Stray”Optacure‘s emotive lyricism goes deep on one of the most all-pervasive, universal human experiences – loss. “Stray” is the latest in a string of singles from Optacure, following “Mingaw” and “Our Way Home”“Stray” showcase songwriter Edmund Gemelo Jr.‘s melodic Elliott Smith-esque vocal cadence and Emmanuel Aguila’s bright, layered musical accompaniment and groovy backbeat.

From the Artist:
The song explores the perspective of someone who loses trust in relationships – friends, family, or romantic. In an extended period of thinking of being alone, this person will slowly question what it means to have someone and what the limitations are in every relationship. 

The lyrics and melody are accompanied by nifty music that shifts from groovy to breezy throughout the track.

The song came about fairly quick with Edmund Jr. writing the foundation (lyrics, melody, and guitars) over Christmas season 2021 then sent the tracks to his producer, Emmanuel Aguila, who also wrote the other musical parts of the track.

Written and recorded in the following locations:
Brisbane, Australia
Sunshine Coast, Australia
Quezon City, Philippines

Stream “Stray” on Spotify.

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