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Bryan Staggers

You Can’t Afford To Ignore Bloggers Anymore.

So, here’s the score. You’re a band – you might be new, or conversely, you might be more established than kingpins like the classic Iron Maiden or next-generation stars like Bring Me The Horizon. Doubtful, but who knows? Basically, it doesn’t matter. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily say ‘forget the rock press’ (Kerrang, Rock Sound, Metal...

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International Superstar Adele has an interesting pre show superstition

Pre Show Superstitions Of Musicians Around The World

We’ve talked a lot here about how best to market yourselves with image, quirky promotional ideas and a whole host of other cool tips and tricks. But sometimes, with the bigger bands, it’s the stuff they do once the gig offers come flooding in that really gets people talking. No, we’re not on about picking...

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How To Act Like An Extravagant Rock Star… On A Budget!

How To Act Like An Extravagant Rock Star… On A Budget! Some of the outlandish things that bands can splurge for can seem insane, to say the least. Sometimes, the most extravagant things they come out with are so unique or off the wall that they’re the ones that really get people talking. From creating...

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The Importance Of Image & Impact For Musicians

Read our article on promo photos for musicians. Band image is the cause of so many debates in the scene. Whether you agree or disagree with the fact that it really can help a band’s progress immensely, you’ll be sure to have your opinion greeted with fierce contradiction – see for yourself with this article!...

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Creative Ways To Market Your Music At Summer Festivals

With festival season just around the corner, it’s the perfect chance to market your music and get your band heard. This does not in any way, shape or form mean that you should spam the inboxes of festival owners with delusional begging and ‘offering’ your band out for the main stage! Rather on a more practical level,...

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