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Eli Jace

Montana Maxx: Detroit’s Dirtworker

On “City Of Gods,” off the mixtape, KingMi, from Montana Maxx (or Mt. Maxx), the Detroit rapper explains, “I’m from a city where it’s god this and god that / but when we hungry it’s sell this or rob that.” No flash. No champagne. Just real life in America’s currently most disheveled city. On the...

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Deerhunter’s new, “Monomania,” is a square fitting into circle speakers

Warning: Monomania by Deerhunter is not the album to listen to in the wake of a ratty hangover. It’s abrasive, snot-nosed, manic-depressive rock and as noisy as a traffic jam. There are few moments of calm. Your neighbors will not appreciate you blasting it, but their well- being is not of your concern and neither...

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The cranks and gears of Piqued Jacks’ “Just A Machine”

Just A Machine, the newest EP from Piqued Jacks, opens with the quick crack of a distorted egg. What then dribbles out is the yolk of six fluctuating industrial rock songs that leave the listener scrambled. The title and opening track starts with a patient riff that falls right off a cliff. When it lands...

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Let Off Orbit take you for a quick ride with “City Of Wonders”

Off Orbit may be from Miami, Florida, but their sound comes straight from the Texas desert expanse where plenty of psych-blues bands have called home. Their three-song debut EP, City Of Wonders, is a quick snapshot into their developing sound. Opener, and first single, “Vice City,” kicks off with a jumpy guitar intro then evolves...

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Hot Blood of Yeah Yeah Yeahs is all drained on “Mosquito”

The 3D Toy Story-from-hell cover art for Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ new album, Mosquito, shows a crying nude baby getting pinged by the blood-sucking insect. It’s jarring, uncomfortable and makes one feel itchy all over. Unfortunately that depiction doesn’t quite match the mood of the resulting set of songs on the New York City band’s fourth...

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