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Layla Marino

Lockdown Get-Down For Week of March 28, 2020: More Music, Art and Lessons to Enrich Your Indoor Sitch

[metaslider id=13808]Last week, IMP introduced our Lockdown Get-Down series with lists each week of fun, online and at-home art and music-related things we can do during these more isolated times. Be sure to check last week’s list, as quite a few of those things are ongoing. This week, in addition to lots of livestreams by...

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Lockdown Get-Down: Check Out All the Art, Music and Other Stuff You Can Do This Weekend

[metaslider id=13809]For many of us who have been self-isolating and now may be on mandatory quarantine, it’s been the ultimate Netflix and chill marathon. But even watching all the seasons of Friends in a row and contributing to the baby boom that will inevitably happen this December can get boring. Despite being one of the hardest...

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Gorillaz New ‘Song Machine’ Series Merges Worlds and It’s Not Fair [Videos]

It was a hard blow for Gorillaz fans to sustain when, after their last album The Now Now, the creators of the wildly popular Gorillaz said there would likely not be any more releases from the cartoon band for ten years. We all hoped it was a bluff, and luckily it was. Enter: Song Machine. Gorillaz wouldn’t be...

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One Year After His Passing, The Firestarter Still Burns Bright: Remembering Keith Flint

[metaslider id=5569] The Prodigy are easily one of the most the most recognisable and well-loved group in modern music, barring genre and in electronic music, they might be the biggest. While producer Liam Howlett’s clean beats, creative production and diversity of sound has given them staying power throughout their 30 year tenure in electronic music,...

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