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The Best Music From Popular Video Games

Our latest I.M.P feature comes courtesy of Scott Taylor, who shares some of his choice cuts, the very best music from popular video games. Lately, I have been discovering great bands and great songs in the most unexpected places. A few of them happened to come from TV commercials. Video game commercials tend to be...

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“Defy the Ocean” makes waves with “Myopic” EP

Defy The Ocean are definitely making waves around my water cooler lately, thanks to their new EP entitled “Myopic”. For those who miss the early days of heavy grunge music like Tool, Helmet, Silverchair, Soundgarden or Alice in Chains, then allow me to proudly announce the arrival of this epic duo, which consists of multi-instrumentalists...

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Signals: “Hopeless Pleas for Dying Trees”

Signals has a very interesting song on their hands. You will hear a mix of influences like Thrice, Suicidal Tendencies and even some Hatebreed. “Hopeless Pleas From Dying Trees” starts out with some avant garde screaming that preludes the actual music. Once it kicks in, you’ll be assaulted with some metal drum lines and almost...

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