Baltimore-based garage rock/pop quartet Diefenbaker are currently promoting their new single “Got The Enzyme”. Right away the guitars are messy and thick – exactly the way they should be for a good indie rock act. The synth work is not only tasteful but it elevates the music by widening the soundscape.

There is some subtle punk influence here which is good to hear, and the vocals seem heavily influenced by Blondie, though original in their own right. Lead singer Shari Fedak’s vocals can seem a bit forced at times, but they are unique, expressive and provide a good compass for the music. The chorus could have used some extra harmonies to elevate the situation. (Note: Some wonderful backups are featured in Diefenbaker’s other track “Radon”) When Fedak sings “the lights go on forever” though, you can hear some genuine emotion and potential here. In fact, the more I listen the more her style grows on me.

The musicianship in this band leaves nothing more to be desired, and the production is definitely up to snuff. Adept at creating layers of dreamy atmosphere, and I haven’t heard many bands create such a strong fusion between keys and guitar/bass. I’m not sure this track will be stuck in my head, but that could be my own bias.

The verdict: Diefenbaker are a talented act and you should decide for yourself by streaming the very upbeat and at times epic “Got The Enzyme”. You can also download their “Got The Enzyme/Radon” EP for FREE at their Bandcamp.

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