Chad Clark and Erin Nelson of Beauty Pill. Photo by Morgan Klein.


The Washington, D.C. group Beauty Pill has surprised-released a new single and video titled, “Instant Night.”

The song arrives for the lead up to Election Day with a clip featuring D.C. punk illustrator, Ryan Nelson as he sketches three harrowing political figures.

In offbeat timelaspe we watch Nelson as he creates ink blot portraits of the necrophiliactic three-headed power lords of D.C.: Trump, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. The sloppy boar and his two whining wolves.


While the caricatures come to life the song swims downstream.

It’s built off a rising and falling tonal scale that is quickly layered with multiple instruments. Then we hear Erin Nelson’s voice as it swims through. She sings about, “GPS, doing the Macarena,” and how, “Nature got the left swipe.” Finding comfort in fear as the song slips off into lush swirls of slithering strings and calming notes from a woodwind quartet. Nelson assures us that, “Scared is all right.”


Beauty Pill are Basla Andolsun, Chad Clark, Drew Doucette, Erin Nelson and Devin Ocampo. “Instant Night” follows their 5-track album, Please Advise, released this year in May, and Sorry You’re Here, a score for a “dance play,” released in February.













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