Bellingham Ambient Electronic Solo Artist Jeads Finds Profound Beauty in Unlikely Places on new Under the Veneer Album

Bellingham-based ambient electronic solo artist Jeads finds profound beauty in unlikely places. For example, his new Under the Veneer album’s main instrument is an old rusty music box.

About the album

A rusty old music box sings its songs, wrapped in a blanket of snow covered trees, frozen in time.

Under the Veneer started with a giant snow storm in Bellingham, Washington, in March of 2019. I had just finished recording Nocturnal Signal and wanted to dig deeper into using sounds from field recordings and making my own sample based instruments. The snow storm inspired many field recording sessions which ended in the construction of a set of sample-based percussive instruments. I went on many hikes in the snow-covered forests around my house, capturing environmental sounds with my field recorder: fresh snow falling off ferns, snow balls pounding on frozen steel doors, footsteps crunching, fallen tree limbs snapping in the ice cold air, icicles breaking. This set the backdrop for the album; all of the samples have a kind of frozen crispness to them, frozen soundscapes from the forest.

The main instrument on the album is an old rusty music box. It has a rich harmonic resonant sound but it’s also broken and vulnerable. It’s attached to a painting I’ve had for many years, one that has moved around with me many times. It has hung on the walls in both broken and loving homes and has become a symbol of how important having a peaceful place to call home really is. The painting and the music box represents a complex sense of home for me. A lot of the themes on this album were inspired by that concept; scratch a bit of veneer off the surface and you can often find something twisted and complicated underneath.

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