Best New Albums and Singles of 2023

At Independent Music Promotions, we are constantly curating the best new albums and singles from both the mainstream and the underground. In 2023 we’ve already been blessed with a shopping list of incredible albums, EP’s and single releases. Whether you’re an ‘all genres’ type of person or hyper-specific about your tastes, our cutting edge picks span all genres. We keep a keen eye on the burgeoning underground scene. Those wanting to keep an eye out for our ‘Best New Music picks should follow our Indie Music Worldwide playlist.

Here are some of our picks for the Best New Albums and singles of 2023 so far.

Viagra Boys – Cave World

Best New Albums of 2023 - Viagra Boys "Cave World"

This album technically came out in 2022, although a fantastic expanded edition was released in January. Viagra Boys pretty much blew everyone away at Glastonbury this year, and deserve to be included in our best new albums. I’ve gotten heavy into this band over the past few months and purchased “Cave World” on vinyl. Shout out to the great Lord Sonny the Unifier for turning me on to this band.

Iggy Pop – Every Loser

Where would any of us be without Iggy Pop? Especially all us losers! I made sure to pick up a vinyl copy of ‘Every Loser’ as soon as possible. Boy, does it deliver. Iggy recruits an all-star, and highly credible cast of rock legends. Through the album he truly goes all out on punk rock, hard rock, experimental spoken word and junkyard ballad stylings. It’s visceral and wholly unfiltered.

Queens of the Stone Age – In Times New Roman


Josh Homme and co. deliver an unrelenting look at life and loss while finding strength in disaffected detachment. The music is masterful, from the punchy stoner rock guitars and rhythm section to the lavish orchestral highlights. It deserves a place in this year’s best new albums list.

Killer Mike – Michael

Undisputed Atlanta legend, activist and one half of Run the Jewels, Killer Mike gets deep and personal. This album is soul-infused and lyrically overflowing. It even even coaxed Andre 3000 to return from his musical slumber.

PJ Harvey – I Inside the Old Year Dying

As a massive PJ Harvey fan, I follow her work pretty closely. I love everything. The b-sides, the soundtracks, the covers, the demo releases, and of course, classic like “Is This Desire?” and “To Bring You My Love”, two releases I typically recommend as starting points. “I Inside the Old Year Dying” is subtle, dark and gorgeous throughout. This album finds her still reinventing how she uses her voice to original effect.

Detroit hip hop superstar Danny Brown and experimental producer JPEGMAFIA make a fantastic team. On this frenetic, energized new release they deliver one of the year’s best new albums. Equal parts chaos and bombast, they make a perfect team.

Depeche Mode – Memento Mori

Death and beauty coalesce in this sublime new album from the legendary Depeche Mode. My most recommended track would be the haunting, momentous “Don’t Say That You Love Me”.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Don’t Try This At Home

YoungBoy proves he’s one of hip hop’s greatest and most original talents full stop. His aggressive vocal delivery is second to none. It seems he’s as impossible to tame as he’s ‘hard to kill’.

Swans – The Beggar


Michael Gira and his apocalyptic Swans are back in a big way on the dissonant, tremendous “The Beggar”. A shoe-in for my best new albums.

Lord Sonny the Unifier – America’s Newest Hitmaker

Upon listening to LSTU’s newest batch of well-crafted songs, each one paying homage to greats like The Clash, The Beatles and Motorhead.  Since he simultaneously looks to the future inspired by Viagra Boysthe Black Keys and QOTSA, this title hits the mark. Lord Sonny the Unifier’s unique rock signature delivers unique psychedelic imagery with a distinct Brooklyn twist. Alternative, post-punk, punk rock, hard rock, psychedelic and classic rock influences unite to create a cohesive whole. All in all, “America’s Newest Hitmaker” is a triumphant, dynamic artistic statement brimming with punk rock swagger and charisma. This is an artist who truly lives for it.

ADVIKA – Come Back to Earth (Single)

Boston-based Electronic Pop Artist ADVIKA makes her presence known and felt on the singularly compelling, cinematic new single “Come Back To Earth”. “Come Back To Earth” features complex instrumentation including electronic synth parts and hip hop/funk inspired drums. It uses a combination of rich layering of vocal harmonies and light, airy vocals to create the ethereal sounds that emulate the vastness and emptiness of space.

The Splatter Pattern – While We Were Making Plans

Kansas City Art Rock Duo The Splatter Pattern capture the experimental spirit of late-70’s Bowie. Ample psychedelia, post-punk and progressive rock sounds coalesce on their dynamic new album “While We Were Making Plans”

Lyia Meta – Always You

Multi-award winning singer, songwriter and exhibited visual artist Lyia Meta has an extremely rare contralto vocal range and a voice that straddles both blues and classical music, but she doesn’t stop there. Her deep, resonant vocals conjure the likes of blues pop greats Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. Lyia has been recognized in a wide range of genres throughout her almost two decade-long career.

Amelie Lucille – Self-Titled (EP)

New York Indie Folk artist Amelie Lucille reveals a powerful voice and a sincere love for her classic musical lineage on her new EP. The influence of pivotal artists like The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Björk, and The Sundays runs deep in her moody music. She truly embodies the spirit and meaning of an ‘old soul’.

K4LT – LCPD (Single)

Berlin-based Avantgarde Musician and Producer K4LT casts a long, disquieting shadow on his new single “LCPD”. This visionary multi-instrumentalist doesn’t merely embrace darkness in his work. He makes himself completely at home expressing bleak truths and cold emotion. He masterfully combining Alternative Rock, Indie, Avantgarde, Post-Punk, Doom Metal and Dark Wave sounds to form a formidable original sound.

Red Bird Rising – Ruby (Single)

Indie Rock Musician Red Bird Rising has released a singularly defiant new single in tribute of a woman in the grip of suicidal ideation hunted by memories of incest. Diedrich Donald Weiss‘s stark lyricism pokes and prods at the dark corners of the subconscious mind with reckless abandon. In doing so, he calls on the protagonist to stand and reach for the light. These carefully chosen coded messages form a net of untethered, mutinous energy. “Ruby” is a swift, cunning song coupling haunting melody with chilling dissonance. Diedrich’s lyrics make for a venomous lament. His choice words permeate the arrangement as both an ominous warning and a call to rise.

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