We last featured Brooklyn-based alt rock biker psychedelia artist Lord Sonny the Unifier as he was releasing his full-length album “FINAL NOTICE!“. Along with the album itself, which is packed with inspired heavily by Punk Rock, Classic Rock, Space Rock and Rock and Roll, keeping the underlying punk ethos intact and strong the whole way through, LSTU has also released a string of visionary official music videos, teaming up with the talented BD Pironti for each of them.

The latest visual is “The All New Know Nothings”.

The All New Know Nothings artwork by Shaun Friesen soulfire design

About The Single

We go to work and deal with the day trying to make the best of it. Behind the scenes, so far from us all are the people in power. The powerful talking to the powerful to keep themselves the powerful. Creating “laws” manipulating “rules and regulations” so that only they win, or so they think. But who are the real creators? The artists? Who brings the poetry? Who sees the light of humanity, the love, and who can share this love with others? It is often those with a little less (or a lot less) who are capable of loving the most. Their children are their wealth; their family, their friends, their lovers. For artists, writers, painters, dancers, it is their art. Money or no money, power or none – the true power is in what we create and who we love and how much we love. Whoever sees the most love wins.

The people in power today are the All New Know Nothing Party, and extension of the Know Nothing party of the 1840’s, ignorant and fear mongering, taking our votes and eliminating them; taking our voices and disregarding them, but where is the real power?


Watch the new music video for “The All New Know Nothings”.

Lord Sonny the Unifier is featured on our Best New Rock Music with Depth playlist on Spotify.

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