“This for all y’all who told me I’d fall.”

The concept of revenge is popular, but even more popular is the concept of retribution by way of personal success.  Instead of going after your opponent, you just rise on your own terms, thus proving them wrong. This way, those who doubted you are taught a positive life lesson, without any messy alibis.

Black Nacirema is a Los Angeles hip hop duo, the two rappers/singers going by the names of Savvy and Hollywood. They’re quite unique and after hearing their new single, I’d expect good things to happen for them.

Intelligent and refreshing, yet also a club ready slow burner, “The World Owes Me” comes off like an instant classic that could have been in 2Pac or Notorious B.I.G’s catalogue. Both rappers are very talented, but it’s the ultra-hooky chorus that steals the show here with it’s Frank Ocean/Jamie Foxx type smoothness. The vocals are cooler than cool – ICE COLD. The fact that the lyrics are great ups the ante even more. The theme of this track, though a common one, is put into the most clear and convincing terms possible. “This is for every time you told me stop, but I just kept on aiming for the top. Now the world owes me.” I couldn’t have said it myself, and we all have related to the sentiment at one time or another.

Black Nacirema is highly recommended for hip hop fans of all persuasions. Check out “The World Owes Me” at their Reverbnation page or check them out at their official site.

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