Artists who truly follow their own path and play the music they are most passionate about are rare. It may not seem to be the case, but it’s true. Many artists simply aim to have commercial appeal at any cost, losing their soul, their potential gift to the world in the process. Not Davina Robinson. With a fiery image that suits her even more fiery music, Davina sticks to her guns and lets the soul do it’s thing. The more I listen to the material on her excellent new rock release and appropriately titled “Black Rock Warrior Queen”, the more it grows on me. From it’s iconic cover art to it’s range of catchy hard rock rompers and epic soul shakers, the album is an ambitious undertaking. Inner strength and fire are themes we can all get behind, right?

Listen to “Monster” for some absolutely powerhouse vocals and emotionality that Tina Turner herself would respect.  “Conversations in my Head” (correction: this track is from Davina’s “The Blazing Heart” EP) is a dark, personal and vulnerable track with a stunningly beautiful chorus that tugs on the heartstrings while being reminiscent of every great rock song you’ve ever heard somehow. “Osaka Boys” is an instant party classic that could get any spirited bar hopping. “Keeping me Sane” (also from “The Blazing Heart”) is quite possibly something that everyone should listen to in the morning, or at least those that live in the city and have to remind themselves to stay strong in the face of “the success game”.

Davina Robinson is passionate about rock music, so she honours that and forges ahead, rather than bowing down to any trends. And the trick is, when you do something with that spirit, it ends up working. She has promoted herself with the DIY spirit, gaining a large following that continues to grow, and I hope this piece contributes to that following over time.

I featured Davina in my latest installment of  the “Rock Revival” series in my column at The Muse’s Muse, and her answers were both in depth and educational. Independent artists of all styles would do well to check out what she has to say and gain some inspiration.

Read the interview here.

Check out Davina Robinson’s new album “Black Rock Warrior Queen” and find our more about her at Davina’s official website. For you social media buffs (everyone), you should also “like” her Facebook page.

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