The Blue NewsBlues rock duo The Blue News ((Brent Orndorff & Dustin Richardson) have taken the high road with their new Kickstarter campaign, intended to raise funds for their ambitious new full-length album “In Your Dreams”, which fans of the band will briefly preview when watching the campaign video, narrated by Brent (vocals, instrumentation). Quoted from their campaign:

This is the story of a modern day pilgrimage.  The band The Blue News has experienced so much and heard people tell incredible tales of heartbreak and healing, faith and doubt, sacrifice and even miracles. These are stories urging to be shared and what better way than through an album? After all, music allows us to communicate what cannot be expressed with words alone. Music has the power to bring dormant emotions to the surface, it can make us dance and sing, and it can reveal to us a beauty in life that might otherwise be lost. 

The songwriting duo of The Blue News (Brent Orndorff & Dustin Richardson) have undergone so much change in their daily lives over the past year but the passion to create music endures. Their new full-length album, In Your Dreams, will offer a glimpse into their journey and allow them to share their experiences through their unique and soulful blues-rock sound. The Blue News humbly invites you to join in the experience of bringing this album to life. Let them share the many stories and lessons learned along the way and perhaps you’ll find a new perspective on the world around you.

What can I say? The group are really the type that you wish you would see more of, so who better to support? Their music is honest and well-crafted, unafraid of raw emotion. The gifts are among the best I’ve ever seen on an artist’s crowd funding campaign, too, with all of them appearing to far over-deliver (Example: You can get a download of the ‘deluxe’ album with bonus tracks, a vintage label t-shirt, limited edition poster, sticker, mailed physical copy of the new album, live video access, a download of their previous EP, your name on their website AND a handwritten thank you note for $25.) Let that be a lesson to you artists out there! Give freely and make it good.

We wish The Blue News the most success with their campaign! Join their path here!


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