Back with the final music video release in support of their “Gorerunner” EP, Brooklyn’s electro-industrial group Jane in Space are back and in menacing form with “Through the Vines”. As a duo, Jane in Space are forceful and pummeling yet lean, calculated and cool. Cold, even. Out now via Aion Records.

The “Through the Vines” video is part of a larger narrative which includes the band’s other videos from the “Gorerunner” EP — “Eat Your Face”“Full Stop,” “Gorerunner,” and “Breaking Glass.”

Director Permian Strata (who also directed the Eat Your Face, Gorerunner, and Full Stop videos) says of this video:  “The previous few songs on the EP have a slow-building tension to them. And then “Through The Vines” bursts through with this primal energy. In the video, the main character does literally that–he bursts into a ball of energy and hurdles through the ether, surrounded by an incomprehensible reality. I used optical feedback as a means of generating patterns that create the feeling of falling into the abyss.”

Co-producer/mixer Keith Hillebrandt (NIN, Bowie) says: “‘Through The Vines’ had a very desperate feel to it so I really wanted to push a sense of unease sonically. I really focused on the distant and detached elements so they weren’t in your face, but you knew they were there, hiding.”

Jane in Space still from Through the Vines directed by Permian Strata
Jane in Space still from Through the Vines directed by Permian Strata
Watch “Through the Vines”.

“Through the Vines”, of course, is taken from the “Gorerunner” EP. Jane in Space’s ‘Gorerunner’ is artful and intense, taking cues from NIN’s ‘The Fragile’ and Massive Attack’s ‘Heligoland’ to forge their own dark, emotive sonic imprint.

Jane in Space's Gorerunner

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