Very few publications do a good job of focusing on rock, punk, hardcore and metal, while also keeping their eyes and ears open and supportive of the underground. My friends at Intamission Music so excellent work, so when they provided me with information about their new compilation album that is planned to be free for independent artists, I felt it was something I’d be more than happy to spread around. For full details, check out the news release below:

CompilationAlbumIntamission Music: Boys and Girls we’ve got something cool coming your way! We’re going to be making a compilation of the most badass tracks to date, whether signed or unsigned, in order to help get as many ears as possible listening to some of the best bands around.

So we need rock, punk, metal and hardcore bands to come forward and submit your songs for our new compilation album, we need between 15 to 20 songs, so you can choose your best song to date and hopefully it’ll make the final cut! Then after we have chosen all the songs, we will only be releasing 5 hard-copied albums as a competition prize! But these albums are special, as there will only be 5 in the world, very unique and hopefully signed by some of the bands!! Then after the competition has ended we will then release it on bandcamp as a free download!

Well if you’re up for being in the album then you know where we are, give us a message!


–          One Song (Your best song and it has to fall under the genres of rock, punk, metal, hardcore and must not be a cover!)

–          Bio and photo of your band

Send everything to:


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