Independent Music PromotionsIndependent Music Promotions is opening it’s doors to quality underground and DIY rock groups worldwide. In my own small way, I want to create change, not for the “music industry”. That doesn’t matter. It’s just an imaginary structure. I simply want to support real music. It’s the reason why I don’t work with mainstream/Idol pop, radio rock, or artists who are only concerned with stardom. While I’m not against those things, the first music I was really inspired by on a deep level was music of the uncompromising variety. Music that is written and performed for the love of itself. Music with “feel”.

I want Independent Music Promotions to be a haven for passionate and original underground rock. When I say rock, I mean it in an all-encompassing¬†way (rock n’ roll, punk, metal, blues, progressive rock, psychedelic, noise, garage, alternative, indie, industrial, electronic rock, art rock, experimental rock, jam rock, instrumental, etc). If you have passion and a love for the music, I’m on your side. With I.M.P’s strong reputation and all the groundwork that myself and Liz have put in, we feel we’re poised right now to be part of a serious rock revival. That’s what inspires us in the morning, anyhow.

For interested rock artists looking for an ally on their path, check out our Promotion Services and Rates sections for full details.

– James Moore

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