Summed up by the artist himself as “a big explanation to someone I have loved”, you know there is a story behind this release that is best told through music. Melodic folk artist Cameron Stenger brings an authentic, soulful focus to this collection of songs as he reminisces about love lost. Highlights include “Three Steps to Self Definition” which features beautifully skilled guitar playing that somehow sits between Joni Mitchell and Jimmy Page, well-chosen warm keyboards, and Cameron’s strong lead vocal. The unconventional choice to insert distorted guitars gives this indie rock appeal, and proves he’s able to take risks as a singer/songwriter.

“Sometimes” is full on dreamy, with it’s layers upon layers of thick guitars and the focused, tortured voice at the helm. “I’m A Little Like You” is slightly more low-key; another subtle performance displaying strong song-writing and production choices (the psychedelic effects on the interludes/chorus are fantastic). In “Lovers”, Stenger shows a Beach Boys influence with a lush arrangement and a call-and-response vocal style. “Falling Apart” stretches further, as the sound is bare for the most part – one man in his room playing guitar and singing. The sparse delays and instrumentation bring elements of  genius to the appeal of this release.

“Charts” has a reflective but accepting energy to it featuring beautiful backup vocals and more dense, reverb-soaked lead guitars. The dynamic shifts are impressive for a young song-writer like this. Call it comfort in melancholy. Another personal highlight is the album closer “Come Home”, which is more straight up folk to give closure to the disc. Stellar playing with Cameron’s honest vocals.

Listen to the very addictive track “Charts” below and get comfortable. Also, be sure to check out more at Cameron Stenger’s Bandcamp site.



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