Chawa Lilith Releases the Ultimate Meditation Music EP with Ambient Sounds and Enchanting Vocals

Ambient meditation music artist Chawa LilithAmbient meditation music artist Chawa Lilith ( explores truly vast terrain on her enchanting, meditative new EP “Euphonious”, out December 14, 2021 on streaming platforms. This release was inspired by Chawa’s own meditation practice, where a unique and powerful signature sound began to emerge during lockdown in LA. Utilizing ambient, drone and meditative musical elements coupled with hypnotic, layered vocals, “Euphonious”  finds Chawa Lilith masterfully guiding the listener into a state of openness and relaxation.

This unusually inspirational and revitalizing atmospheric EP will let you feel the depth of your soul and the warm touch of the Los Angeles sun on your skin. Her soundscapes are paintings of infinite possibilities waiting to embrace you. They open your heart on a new level, even if you never meditate.

Ambient meditation music artist Chawa Lilith

From the Artist:
Euphonious is a message from the heart! It is a sign and inspiration of our connectedness and feeling connected because we are. You feel an instant rush of joy and letting go. It’s not intended to be meditation music, and it just might make you feel truly satisfied. It’s a message, a loving greeting from soul to soul. (If you want, meditate on the songs, but just enjoying them is what this EP aims for. Unintentionally mediational music)

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