If you’re looking for some new progressive yet catchy material, like Porcupine Tree mixed with, say, Coldplay, I’d suggest Chicago 5-piece “prog pop” band Northpilot, who were suggested to me by a friend of mine, Rick Dante from the excellent progressive music website Dante Prog. I always like to hear artists who actually take effort to expand and evolve within the pop format – after all, progressive music isn’t all about 15 minute songs filled with doom breakdowns and mystical references. It can simply mean “to progress beyond the typical boundaries”, and Northpilot do a good job of writing hooky melodies that carry a thick, atmospheric energy. Fans of Porcupine Tree, Coldplay, Radiohead, and even the Smashing Pumpkins should enjoy the well crafted song-writing here. Check out their video below:

Awkard Family Photos Music Video Slurpee Battle of the Bands from NORTHPILOT on Vimeo.

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