Chicago Instrumental Post-Rock Band The Color of Cyan Excel on Tense, Atmospheric “Agape” Album

Chicago-based purveyors of tense and atmospheric instrumental post-rock, ambient and metal, The Color of Cyan (featured in our ‘Best Music of 2022 So Far’ list), have released new full-length album “Agape” December 1 on major platforms. The band’s multi-layered sound patiently builds in pressure and impact, while heading squarely toward monolithic detonation.

“Agape” was recorded between Puerto Rico, Chicago, California, and Mexico City. The album was mixed by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio and mastered by Bob Weston, both in Chicago, Illinois.

From the Artist:
“Agape is our journey through this world. Even though the moments are unique for each one of us, we are all connected by those feelings.” 

The Color of Cyan
‘s epic, cinematic music is recommended for fans of Sigur-RosGodspeed! You Black EmperorMONO, Explosions in the SkyRussian Circles and TOOL.

Stream “Agape” on Spotify.

Listen or buy “Agape” on Bandcamp (CD’s and T-Shirts are also available  here).

Watch the music video for the album’s title track.

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