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Chicago Music Promotion

Build Your Audience and Visibility with Professional Chicago Music Promotion

Independent Music Promotions is an internationally respected Chicago music promotion

Matthew Santos – Chicago Musician

company. We secure features and interviews for our artists in high-profile online and print publications. You create the music. We create the buzz. Together, we build your successful career.

Music Marketing Carefully Planned for Best Results

Chicago is a special place to us. It is steeped in rich musical history, giving birth to new and unique sounds of blues, jazz, soul, rock and hip hop. Original acts and music continue to be born in the windy city.

Promoting your music takes much more than sending out random press releases to publications. We consider your music, your persona and your audience. Then we craft a promotional campaign to carefully chosen media outlets that best advance your music and reputation.

We have cultivated close business relationships with press outlets throughout the years. Through our contacts, we generate press for our clients in publications most others can’t. We also work with freelance writers and bloggers to enhance our clients’ online presence.

A Chicago Music PR Company Working for You

CEO James Moore founded Independent Music Promotions in 2010 with a mission to promote “music with depth”. He is interested in musicians who take the extra step in a different direction to be original. Regardless of genre, he represents innovative creative artists who need help being heard.

We want to represent artists with distinctive sounds that move beyond generic music. Our “music with depth” philosophy applies to every client we promote.


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