Chords of Truth - a brilliant lyricist and songwriterToday I received a unique music submission from the acoustic solo project called Chords of Truth. I was steered towards a particular track until I began perusing the artist’s website and found something much bigger, something akin to an honest spiritual exploration. When I say that, I’m not referring to an idealogy, but more of a sense of true openness and limitless possibility. The goal of the project, according to Jason Garriotte, the artist, is to “expand our vision of reality and have new, enjoyable experiences”. Goal accomplished.

“Tune Your Mind” was simply stunning. You can hear Garriotte’s influences respectfully brought to his art – Simon & Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash. His voice is intense and serious, mournful even, but not a bit depressive or self-indulgent. This is purposeful music brimming with clarity and hope. Chords of Truth fits in nicely with rock and folk music’s tradition of brilliant lyricists. Reading the lyrics for “Tune Your Mind” inspired me because they conveyed truth, and truth is rejuvenating. While it’s an unusual choice to post full lyrics on a blog post, I’m going to share the lyrics here because they are so unwaveringly strong that I can’t leave a word out.

Highly recommended for fans of great lyricists such as Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. Find out more about Chords of Truth here.

“Tune Your Mind” by Chords of Truth

Throughout history there has been
Ideas about how it all began
What plane we have all come from
And our existence from now on

It’s a mystery what separates us
From all the herds of nothingness
Is it because we can speak
Or something else
Like the ability to dream

Tune your mind with reflection
Use your attention with intention
Imagine what it is you want
If you’re clear, it will appear

Our thoughts create our world
Contrary to what you may have heard
Your mind’s power is so strong
Just by thinking you will affect the outcome

Reaction is the result of action
The vibrations impact energy patterns
They crash around like waves
Influencing the way we behave

This world is moving so fast
The chaos seems to cast
A web of confusion
Blocking us all from sound conclusions

I’m not here to say I know
What the future is going to hold
But tomorrow’s not just another day
Let’s start creating what do you say

Tune your mind with reflection
Use your attention with intention
Imagine what it is you want
If you’re clear, it will appear

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