Combining eccentric hip hop, electro music, glitch hop and a healthy punk attitude, Connecticut rapper Skobie Won has been releasing some vicious material as of late. It’s great to hear someone doing something new production-wise, yet still remaining true to the best of what hip hop has to offer. Skobie Won sits well alongside with other eccentric rappers such as Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Buck 65, and Sage Francis. The perfect mix of both hard edged and pop elements makes Skobie Won’s music both interesting and accessible.

“Burn”, the 1st single from his upcoming album, is an appropriately titled scorcher that is guaranteed to point some industry attention his way. With production as crisp as can be, Skobie Won‘s unique vocal raps honestly about depression, and leaving dreams and memories behind – though the energy of the track is driving forward and somehow motivational. Both electronic music fans (dubstep, glitch, etc), hip hop fans and “off-the-beaten path” music fans should enjoy Skobie Won. Listen to “Burn” below. Assuming this doesn’t quite satisfy your taste buds for good, intelligent hip hop, head over to Skobie Won’s official homepage to listen to the fantastically badass “Bourbon for Breakfast” and a host of other tracks. I do believe that is a title Tom Waits himself would approve of!

Burn… by Skobie Won

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