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To contact Independent Music Promotions regarding the promotion of your project, please submit your music by emailing us with a link where we can hear your music (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube, etc) as well as the campaign you’d like to be considered for.



IMPORTANT DETAIL: Please be sure to specify what you are looking for (Critical Mass Campaign, Single Month, etc).

Unclear “check us out” type emails will be deleted. Please be aware that we are selective with our campaigns but we do listen to every submission.

Please use the same email address for any requests/industry interviews for I.M.P founder James Moore.


“My word is that I.M.P will deliver what we promise to every single artist we work with. What we promise is high amounts of quality press.” – James Moore

One of music PR’s most followed thinkers, James Moores work has been spread by majors like ASCAP, Performer Magazine, CDBaby, Reverbnation and The Lefsetz Letter.

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Contact Us Below

Please make sure that you included the following information in your message:

1) Your reason for getting in touch.2) If you are looking for PR services, which campaign you would like to be considered for. (Critical Mass Campaign, Single Month, etc.)3) A link to your music. (Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube, etc.)

We do not respond to messages with only a link, or promotional messages that do not reveal the reason for contact. Thank you!

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Thank you for your submission. We look forward to hearing your music!

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