Coronavirus: The Best New Songs and Albums For Self-Isolation

What are the best new songs and albums to listen for self-isolation? As COVID19 has streamlined a powerful assault on just about every Earthen industry, we are forced to stay at home and pause aspects of our lives, and the mounting stresses are real. Constants are more important than ever right now. Art is a constant. Music is a constant. These can be created in isolation and their rich emotions can be experienced in isolation. Music being released during these hazy, unseemly times is without a doubt defiant.

We need heavy stories from uncompromising visionaries right now. We need glitchy beats to fasten our brain stems and terrifying sounds to shake us out of ourselves. More than anything, we need human connection.

Here are the best new songs and albums for self-isolation.

Chris Ianuzzi – Olga in a Black Hole (EP)

Chris Ianuzzi's 'Olga in a Black Hole' EP is the perfect experimental electronica album for self-isolation.
Chris Ianuzzi’s ‘Olga in a Black Hole’ EP is one of the greatest current experimental electronica albums for self-isolation.

This EP seems to perfectly fit the current zeitgeist, hurtling through space with so many more questions than answers.

New York Electronic Symphonic composer and songwriter Chris Ianuzzi‘s vision is singular, wholly original and uncompromising, With a career full of boundary-breaking accolades and a series of solo releases through his I, Synthesist project, Chris Ianuzzi returns with a brand new direction on confounding new 3-song EP Olga in a Black Hole, the first taste of new music to be featured on his upcoming full-length album Planetaria.

Message from the Artist: Trip in a New Future. I have started something different for myself. Feels like a return to my roots in Electronic music. I had ventured to making song related music and now I am freeing myself of that structure and headed towards something new.

Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts V: Together, Ghosts VI: Locusts

We love Nine Inch Nails over here, and this new double album release is nothing short of incredible. Thanks Trent and Atticus for blessing us with this timely release. NIN, of course, is known already for creating albums for self-isolation. Read our album review.

Nine Inch Nails. The Best Albums for Self-Isolating.

#Bloomerangs – Moments and Fragments (Album)

"Moments and Fragments" by #Bloomerangs - Albums for self-isolation

Instru Dash Mental Records presents “Moments and Fragments” , the sophomore LP from music collective #Bloomerangs. The playlist features original music from its members, and includes International Songwriting Competition Jazz category semi-finalist tunes “In Some Shape or Form” and “S Mitchell St”.

Honoring the title of the record; the music takes the listener into a journey of multiple dimensions and moods with Jazz being the transporting vehicle. The moments range from the Free Jazz and odd signature explorations in “Catch a Clue”, to Latin inspired innuendos in “Untold”, and the calming fragments of “Mind your F”.

In harmony with the band’s intentions “Moments and Fragments” includes a diverse collection of sonic landscapes that snapshots the intent to keep pushing the genre’s stylistic lines. Grunge Jazz Etude like piece “Change of Pace” is a clear example of how far the band was willing to go to achieve that goal. “Moments and Fragments” is easily one of our top albums for self-isolation.

Patrick Ames – Liveness (EP)

Patrick Ames - Liveness. The Best Albums for Self-Isolating.
Patrick Ames – Liveness GIF

Californian Singer Songwriter Patrick Ames leans into his eccentric style, troubador wisdom and black humor on his best release to date, new 6-track EP Liveness. If you’re a fan of artists like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen or Gil Scott-Heron, you should hear Patrick Ames.

On Liveness, Ames accents his DIY recording techniques with lots of live mics, whether it be vocals or his accompanied guitar. It’s as live as you can be. “It’s was like recording the process of songwriting,” and to be sure the songs are lovely, emotional, and melodic. Welcome to the musical space Ames has built using live sounds and compound lyrics. He inhabits the spaces with stories and rifs of life, and it’s all fresh, alive, and vibrant, with enough soul to want to listen to again.

Zilla With Her Eyes Shut – Self-Titled (Album)

Zilla With Her Eyes Shut. The Best Albums for Self-Isolating.

UK Avant Pop artist Zilla With Her Eyes Shut has released her stunning full-length album Zilla With Her Eyes Shut via Accidental Records. Zilla is a classical pianist turned pop surrealist whose music coaxes the subconscious to come out and play.

Full of Parisian melancholy, bouncy leftfield dance and electronic pop, Zilla’s music is a fantasy filled with imaginary friends and monsters. This is a nocturnal tale of obsession, of relationships behind closed doors, of the secrets we hide, of a daydreamer’s take on life and the way we wish to be remembered after we die.

Head Fake – EP2

Head Fake. EP2. The Best Albums for Self-Isolating.

Head Fake is an anonymous trio of veteran 80’s performers/producers recapturing the spirit of New Wave with today’s tools.

Post Death Soundtrack – Final Days (Single)

Post Death Soundtrack are an oddball electronic rock duo from Vancouver. This track finds them dabbling in punk. An anthem for uncertain times. A prickly tune for when society goes awry. This wild, unhinged track was resurrected from a 2010 recording session in Vancouver, never before released. The lyric video was put together by Colin Everall.

J’Moris – Blac February (Album)

J'Moris - Blac February cover artwork. The Best Albums for Self-Isolating.

Fort Worth, TX, rapper J’Moris released his debut full-length album Blac February on Feb 7, 2020, after a string of 5 EP’s and 2 single releases starting with Moris Better: The Hangover in 2016.

Intending to be more raw and revealing than ever, Blac February is a sprawling 15-track album that is both completely autobiographical and yet universal. Whether he’s rapping about street life on Blue Cheese, being antisocial on Venting, going through frustrating relationships on Anymore, being black in America on Alien, pre-game partying on B.I.D., or making sense of it all on Peace and Letter to God, J’s story is authentic and real. Those listening to his words about overcoming suicidal thoughts and paralyzing doubt on tracks like the soul-infused Make It Look Easy will reflect on their own struggle.

The result is a proper rap album that flows like a classic. With equal parts finesse and blunt force, balancing southern rap/hip hop, r&b, soul, and trap stylings, Blac February is a must listen album for hardcore hip hop enthusiasts. Featured on the album are rappers D. Hewitt, 254 Assassin and Bellafante as well as singer Valance and comedian Ben Jackson. For any serious hip hop fans, this is among the best new albums for self-isolation.

Proud Creature – Opening Creature (EP)

Proud Creature's Opening Creature EP Cover. The Best Albums for Self-Isolating.
Proud Creature’s Opening Creature EP Cover
Introducing psychedelic electronica/jazz/ambient musician Proud Creature, solo moniker for Todd Brozman. Expect fluidity, tension, otherworldly mystique and serious groove as this seasoned creator seamlessly merges genres, the underlying experience becoming of paramount importance.
Proud Creature’s new 5-track EP release Opening Creature leans into it’s sense of surrealism and should appeal to experimental ambient artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never and Future Sounds of London.


Bif Naked – Jim (Single)

Canadian rock icon, writer, cancer survivor, humanitarian and everywoman Bif Naked is back with a rousing new single, one whose lyrics tell a universal tale. “Jim” is the first single to be released from the forthcoming studio album CHAMPION. It is accompanied by a Doug Fury-directed music video that features a blazing performance from Bif. Musically, “Jim” brings heavy layers of synths and big, rock guitars that couple with Bif Naked’s impassioned, anthemic vocal for a feverish effect.

Ava Cherry – Testify Love (Single)

Ava Cherry "Testify Love"

Established Chicago-based pop/soul/dance songstress Ava Cherry has been making music for 5 decades, having released several solo albums and worked with everyone from Curtis Mayfield and Luther Vandross to Ziggy Stardust himself.

Now, after recently signing on with Pepper Gomez’s Chicago/Miami-based record label Wake Up! Music, Ava returns with a deeply empowering message of resilience in her ‘Nu Pop’ ‘Nu Soul’ single full of love for all. “Testify Love” is the first single from Ava’s upcoming full-length album, due in 2020 from the label.

This official radio version was mixed by the amazing Chicago Team Craig J Snider and Ralphi Rosario – La Figura and Harvey Summer‘s of the UK. What the world needs now is and always has been is love, love, love AND Ms. Ava Cherry.

Watch the uplifting “Testify Love” music video on Youtube.

Sluka – V.I.P. (Single)

Sluka is a 4-piece alt rock/post-punk project consisting of Lis Viega (drums, vocals), Alexandra Holt (street can, theremin, vocals), Anna Eppink (bass, vocals), and singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Sluka.

As usual, Christopher Sluka’s lyrics here are thought-provoking and metaphorical, observing the human condition with a loving eye and a wry sense of humor.

The Eric Bishop-helmed music video features a strong cast of talented humans and puppies for your gushing pleasure.

Delyn Grey – ghost town (Single)

“ghost town” is a new creation from young Toronto alternative artist (and I.M.P favorite) Delyn Grey, whose songwriting is dark and pure, influenced by Lorde, PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple and Nirvana. Her 2020 single “Battle” dealt with mental illness/depression in a profound and meaningful way. Now, she’s going further down the spiral with the mesmerizing “ghost town”, just one of several new tracks Delyn’s written during her self-isolation. Look out for her ‘Live from Quarantine’ EP out soon!

Todd Warner Moore – Overnight Flight (Album)

Todd Warner Moore - Overnight Flight. Albums for Self-Isolation
More profound lyrics and an almost overwhelming sense of stillness abounds on Hong Kong singer songwriter Todd Warner Moore‘s meditative new full-length album “Overnight Flight”. Perfect for meditating and self-isolating.

Ptolemea – Maze (Single)

Ptolemea‘s music is informed by both the heavy, emotive vocals of Layne Staley-era Alice in Chains and the prodding doom blues rock of Black Sabbath and their kin. Stream “Maze” below and look to Ptolemea for your best albums for self-isolation.

Mohamed Assani – Wayfinder (Album)

Mohamed Assani - Wayfinder. Albums for self-isolation.
Now, this one is from Canadian visionary Mohamed Assani, whose deeply spiritual new album “Wayfinder” is due April 24, premiering via a special live stream. Announcement from the artist below:

To bring you some joy during these uncertain times, I will be live streaming the album launch of Wayfinder, in partnership with Indian Summer Festival.

We’d hoped to celebrate the launch of my new album in person, but we invite you to move around your furniture and dance together virtually. Hop on to Indian Summer Festival’s Facebook page or YouTube channel on Friday, April 24 at 7pm and be transported.

Wayfinder is the story of a musician-explorer who journeys the world and comes home to empty his pockets and share his treasures. Mohamed Assani takes his sitar in a completely new and unexpected direction, bringing together unforeseen musical worlds and pushing the frontiers of cultural and musical hybridity. Using a refreshing, contemporary sound palette, Wayfinder incorporates a range of stylistic influences, including Indian/Pakistani Classical, Middle Eastern music, jazz, funk, Western harmony, ambient & electronic music. Both acoustic and electronic, it features sitar, tabla, mridangam, kanjira, mbira, voice and electronic sounds. It has been produced by Emmy and Juno-nominated music producer, Adham Shaikh.

The evening will feature the first ever live performance of this unique album, featuring Mohamed Assani accompanied by Adham Shaikh.

Register for free here.

Catch a sneak preview here.

Quick Pick Songs and Albums for Self-Isolation

Floating Points – Bias (Single)

Squarepusher – Lamental (EP)

Maserati – Enter the Mirror (Album)

The Warlocks – The Chain (Album)

Galapaghost – Siralia (Album)

Thundercat – It Is What It Is (Album)

The Weeknd – After Hours (Album)

Snotty Nose Rez Kids – Born Deadly (EP)

Pearl Jam – Gigaton (Album)

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