Dan Tuffy Lets ‘The Feel’ Take Over on New “Letters of Gold” Album

Acclaimed Songwriter/storyteller & performer Dan Tuffy has released new full-length album “Letters of Gold”, a visionary collection that find him experimenting, collaborating, and letting ‘the feel’ take over.

It’s been 3 years since Dan’s 2017 debut solo album “Songs from Dan” which gathered much critical praise and had him busy touring Australia and Europe. In the meantime, he has worked quietly away on his new album, taking his time to get it just right.

“Letters of Gold” sees a shift away from the story-telling country noir atmosphere of his last album towards a more groove based approach where bass, electronic and percussive elements come to the foreground on a big, rich production canvas. The ‘shift’ owes much of its credit to producer Zlaya Loud who intuitively meshes organic and electronic sounds. Credit also goes to collaborator Michael Turner who brings a world of out of-the-box vibes to the record. The importance of song remains central to the whole thing with Dan’s rich, warm vocal sound bringing it all home. The recording process involved decorating song takes that Dan and Matt Walker recorded together live with multiple collaborations and file sharing amongst Dan’s favourite musicians from around the globe. The result is a modern offbeat and lushly orchestrated earthy sound.

From the Artist:
What’s vital to me about this album is our success at welding electronic and organic sounds together in a way that supports the songs/themes you hear. I’m very happy about the sonic world we have created and how it pushes the boundaries of the roots/songwriter genre. It was an intuitive process that emerged out of the energy captured in the live takes at the core of each performance. Everyone who worked on the album “got it” by feeling into it and this is why the record sounds so cool, why it speaks to you and why I’m so proud of it. It connects and it travels and the journey is layered and moving, in every sense of the word. 

Stream “Letters of Gold” or purchase it for Bandcamp Friday.

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