Darryl Girard, founder of the indie record label Chanson Records, has recently released his new single entitled “Texas Sunset”, which you can hear below via the Youtube link. Girard has had his own music used in jungles, nationally released CD’s, and award-winning videos, but it appears this one is just for him. The track has a mellow, adult contemporary swing to it and features Girard’s charismatic lead vocal along with beautiful backup harmonies.

This is a good song to pull out a glass of wine to at the end of the day and relax with. Darryl Girard shows himself to be an adept song-writer. Though it’s all sunshine and it’s clear from the track that Girard’s specialty may be jingles, who can complain? I’m sure many can relate to the sentiment of nothing comparing to their own corner of the Earth, although I’m sure a lot of us are thinking about travelling to Texas right about now.

You can buy the single for “Texas Sunset” as well as choose from a host of other Chanson Records tracks¬†here.

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