With a very bluesy lead riff and a hop-step country rock n’ roll beat, “Open Road” by British Columbia-based singer/songwriter Deanna Cartea has some tried-and-true ingredients to stir in the pot, but the most compelling one is her sultry (and sexy – hey, it’s a part of life!), playful voice that is at once smoky and smooth. This is more important than you might think – most artists don’t show this kind of confidence and personality, but rather display a copycat routine. But you can tell Deanna is a strong woman, as it’s projected in the words and tones. She shows an intuitive sense of groove, never miss-stepping in her delivery in this perfect ode to the highway.

If other tracks like the stunning “Cover Me With Flowers” are any indication with it’s deep, sorrowful outpouring that is enough to stop you in your tracks, then Deanna’s new release, also called “Open Road”, is not to be missed by fans of quality singer/songwriters. This is some mesmerizing material. Listen to “It’s Another Day” for another taste of Cartea’s unique delivery. I don’t know who to compare to and this is a good thing. It’s something I haven’t heard before and yet familiar.

I see big things in Deanna Cartea’s future. Good songs by good souls tend to get heard above the clutter. She brilliantly expresses joy, sorrow, and a knowingness that pervades the two.

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