Derisory, I Am is a somewhat mysterious independent solo artist from Dallas, Texas who shows an enormous amount of raw talent in the acoustic genre. I say that because there don’t appear to be pictures or bio info posted on the artist, but, contrary to many who think that you need to tweet every hour for promotional purposes, I think this serves to make his music more authentic. Fans of Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Services and The XX should be very intrigued by this relatively new artist’s offerings. The lead single “Streetlights” gets right down to business with bright, lush guitars and typically emo overtones on Gregor’s (Derisory, I Am’s sole member) delivery. When the backing harmonies creep in you really get a glimpse of the warmth he creates in his soundscapes. At 1:41, after a brief story reminiscing about a missed opportunity, the song is over all too soon. It was actually a good decision in the context of dynamics. I respect any artist who doesn’t feel the need to force anything or wear out a song’s welcome.

If you go to Derisory, I Am’s Facebook page you can hear “Streetlights” lead seamlessly into the notable and definitely more bitter track “Empty Beds”. “I’m feeling brand new and better without you” leads off the chorus over a violin backing and old school hip hop beat. You’ll have to take a listen for yourself, as it’s quite good. The Death Cab type sound isn’t normally my thing, but I found myself sinking into the loneliness, the thick energy of “To The Intransigent” as I continued my listen. I’d have to say there is some Elliott Smith in Derisory, I Am’s sound, and that is a very good thing indeed.

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