Another very informative blog on the digital age of music consumption comes from Krzysztof Wiszniewski, The Cynical Musician. He goes over some great points and figures on music streaming websites (Spotify, and Rhapsody) and debates the rosy picture we have culturally created for ourselves on the topics of music file sharing and consumption.

The survival of the independent artist in society is critical, and this is a point on which everyone should agree to some degree. I really like a lot of what Krzystof has to say because it provides some serious perspective in a world where we are constantly spoon-fed lists of benefits as to why things are getting worse. We are continually told that game changers like Spotify will broaden horizons for the independent music market, and it’s a common tagline associated with any new music promotion website, social network, or feature opportunity. He makes the point that the further we venture into new methods of consumption, the less potential revenue is generated by independent artists.

It’s not popular to discuss the negative aspects of the modern music industry, and to be fair, if something is a reality, adaptation and knowledge of new paradigms are important. But, just as the Occupy Wall Street protesters are heavily criticized for calling a general foul, so are unsigned artists. For a very in depth follow up to the original story and a real perspective on what many musicians are feeling, check out “The Paradise That Should Have Been – Revisited“.

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