DJ Trevor SimpsonSan Francisco-based DJ/electronic artist DJ Trevor Simpson has teamed up with fellow EDM artist Kosplay to pay tribute to one of the most popular shows ever to air; AMC’s Mad Men. Hats off to the artists for continually building their fanbase and engaging new listeners through networks like Soundcloud. Through a mixture of smart promotion tactics, high quality production, smart topic choices and creativity, the remix is generating legitimate buzz. Known locally as the resident DJ at San Fran’s popular nightclub Ruby Skye, Trevor is also the founder of World Town Inc., and his upcoming debut EP will be released through World Town Records. This is truly the DIY mentality at work.

After teaming up with Ultra Records to mix a compilation in 2006, Trevor’s remixing work became in high demand, and soon he was doing official remixes and tracks for high profile artists like M.I.A, Cobra Starship and Lady GaGa.

With “Mad Men”, DJ Trevor Simpson sounds like he’s having a ball, weaving in hefty doses of ear candy with samples of Mad Men’s instantly recognizable theme and clips of the cast (“He never could handle his liquor”). You can tell the mark of a good electronic dance artist by their sense of dynamics, and that’s definitely apparent here, from the patient buildups to the general sense of tension throughout; all in good fun. “Mad Men” is certain to gain popularity throughout dance communities worldwide, and it’s suitable that an experienced remixer like Simpson is at the helm. The swirling production has a psychedelic feel until it pummels you with it’s mind-bashing house breakdowns. This is club music to be sure.

Download the track below and either load up on mind-altering substances, or just let the music do the altering for you. Keep up with DJ Trevor Simpson at his official website, Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re still looking for more worthwhile dance music, check out “Make Some Noise”, done by Trevor Simpson and The Cataracts. The Cataracs and Trevor Simpson will be launching the Dagger Tour for 3 solid weeks starting May 12th with Afrojack and Krewella in SF, then hitting Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Diego.


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