Doc City Shines on Spiritually Charged Jazz, Soul and R&B Album “Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition”

Award-winning Musician and Producer Doc City takes the listener on an eclectic, untethered journey through the universal mind with the help of his many talented friends on new album “Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition)”, due January 27, 2023. Musically extracting equal influence from R&B, Soul, Pop and Jazz sounds, the lyricism ranges from social issues to deeply human themes of love and loss, with ample dashes of philosophy and abstract thought intended to unravel the mind and reveal something truly fresh. Given Doc City‘s unique history, the spiritually charged energy in his music makes sense.

Doc City is the musical alias of Clarence Taylor, MD. The son of a Baptist minister, gospel music, spirituals and the soul therein provide an essential part of Clarence’s musical foundation. His years of experience as a medical doctor allows him an intimate view into the depths of humanity. In 1998, Clarence received an Achievement Award for Outstanding Song Composition in the International John Lennon Songwriters Competition. In 2002, Doc City was nominated as the Best R&B/Soul Band in the Cleveland Free Times Music Awards. 

Jazz and R&B album "Welcome to Doc City"

The collection of compositions featured on “Welcome to Doc City (Deluxe Edition)” leans heavily towards the immersive and profound, musing on the most important questions of life, like album opener “What Love Is”Tracks like “Did You Choose?” questions our origins and self-appointed identities, all the while leading us towards the profound, esoteric and dream-like. On a human level, it asks who will be left to help us if we don’t come to the aid of others? Uplifting, dense and thought-provoking, this is undoubtedly music for soul-searching and contemplation.

Reviewer Charles Lull writes on “The enchanting feel can only be expressed through the music itself. It’s refreshing to hear something so pure of heart and passionate about the music behind it.”

Listen to the original release below while we wait in anticipation for the deluxe version.

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