Drummer and songwriter Donnie Menig is pushing his first single “Tear It Apart” for all the world to see on his Facebook page.

The pluses: Menig plays all instruments and proves himself to have at least great potential at all them. The drums are solid. The recording is decent though it could use some additional sheen and punch. The guitars are mostly power chords written to compliment the drum work – there could have been some additional colour to them. The vocals have some Deftones/Chino Moreno in them at times, which is a positive. The potential is there though there are pitchy moments which make the effort sound slightly more indie than it should.

That being said, Donnie has a good sense of the alternative metal style he’s going for and the songwriting is well done.

I’m sure fans of Linkin Park and 3 Days Grace will enjoy “Tear It Apart” by Donnie Menig. The track is fairly solid and a good effort overall.

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