Dopus Opus Release Experimental Psych Rock Album “The Lake Sessions”

Psych Rock duo Dopus OpusNewly formed California-based Psych Rock duo Dopus Opus recently released their debut album “The Lake Sessions” on 8/6/2021. Dopus Opus is a musical wonderland, a psychedelic rock journey to places familiar yet unknown, where the past, present, and future meet as one, where joy and humor join with a spirit of experimentation to create unique music.

Terry Waterman and Steve McKenzie, both veteran songwriters and musicians, were founding members of the Rodd Brothers, The Terrance Waterman Quintet, and Bad Fashion. Steve also continues to be a member of the critically acclaimed duo CommonUnion59.

As lifelong friends, Terry and Steve have long shared a desire to explore new musical directions. Their debut album “The Lake Sessions” is the first step in this exciting new creative journey.

From the Artist:
Growing up, we loved the immersive experience that listening to music could bring. We want our own music to capture some of that spirit and take listeners on a sonic journey. We added “found sounds” and also at times, used the stereo field as our playground. There was laughter and lighthearted fun too. We hope all of that comes through in the music.

Their music is available for download exclusively at Bandcamp.

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