Independent blues/folk/r & b artist Dziubecko may not reveal any personal details about herself in the form of a biography as of yet, but she certainly is making headway releasing some pretty inspired songs via her official website. Her track “Mother” showcases her unique, Joni Mitchell-inspired delivery as she croons over a dirty, slightly distorted single guitar. Many of PJ Harvey’s recordings use this simple tactic of a single guitar and vocal, and it works; this kind of raw emotion would only become deflated with too many elements added to the mix. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t enjoy hearing Dzuibecko play with a full ensemble, as her song-writing skills are quite good.

Another highlight from the songs she has currently posted is “Find the Truth”, which takes a more jazzy approach. Free-form and unpredictable, artists like Jeff Buckley come to mind when listening to Dzuibecko sing “I never thought I’d find the truth” with natural, inspired ease. Overall, this is a talented artist who is still at the beginning stages of bringing her music to the world, but the material posted thus far seem like good omens. Take a listen.

Check out “Mother” below.

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